ColoRODans of Longmont, Inc.
ColoRODans of Longmont, Inc.

Jim Larson

Wife:   Sharon


I became a member of the ColoRODans on February 11, 1984.

1971 Buick Rivera

At the time I joined I was driving a 1923 T-bucket. All too soon the T-bucket would not accommodate my growing family so I purchased a 1934 Ford sedan. That vehicle took us on many adventures in and out of state.

“The Woody”


I then purchased a 1929 Ford Woody from Gary Vahling of Masterpiece.

Family Cars


With two street rods in the family, my daughters would occasionally drive the ’34. Throughout the years a 1931 Chevy two door sedan, a 1966 Mustang convertible, a 1929 Ford Panel delivery project car, a 1966 Chevy convertible and lastly, a 1971 Buick Riviera boat tail were added to the fleet.


Collection Today

At present we still have the ’29 Woody, the Buick Riviera and, as we speak, the 1929 Panel Delivery is finally being finished. Of course, this last project will take some time.

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48th Annual Rod Festival Such A Great Success

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50th Year As A Club!

Check out the pictures of our June 16th workday! Our clubhouse is spiffed up and ready for our 50th Anniversary open house!

The ColoRODans is a fun, family oriented car club that has called Longmont home since March, 1968. Since the beginning we have been a non-profit corporation dedicated to FUN WITH CARS!


The Club participates in several family-friendly events each year — including many that also give back to various organizations within our community, state and some that extend beyond Colorado's borders. Once a year, the ColoRODans host a special annual event, The ColoRODan’s RodFest.  This year is our 47th Annual! 

RodFest and cruise nights are not the only thing the ColoRODans club does to give back to the community.  For more information, CLICK HERE!

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