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I bought this car the 4th of July weekend of 1970. Having had other projects before, I had always wanted a 1932 five-window. I was in the process of doing a ‘33 three-window but the five-window was more complete. I completed the project shortly before joining the ColoRODans in 1974. The car was powered with a 283 Chev with a four carburetor manifold and a four speed. It was lots of fun but I wanted more.  About two seasons later I put in a 327. That was okay, but not nearly enough! A couple more seasons and I put in a blown350.   At that point the whole car needed a total rebuild. I tore it apart and and was in the process of that rebuild when I got involved in other activities and the coupe was put on the back burner.

Time goes very quickly when you get a few years behind you and it becomes very easy to let a project just sit. It was always in the back of my mind to continue on and finish the car and I finally made the commitment about three years ago.  I’ve been working on this commitment ever since.


          This time around it will be a “Resto Rod“. It will be flathead powered with a modified old Ford driveline (top loader Ford trans with a Jeep top stick conversion, torque tube drive line with a V8 quick change rear.) Body and paint work is done but chassis still has to be completed and the interior upholstered. My plan is to have it out summer 2015.


Parts & Pieces


I have been involved in street rodding since before it was called street rodding. I have always wanted a car from in the 50’s.  My first car was a ‘34 Plymouth coupe at the ripe old age of 17. I still have as much desire to be a part of the car world now as I did at that age! I have totally enjoyed being in the hobby of street rodding and I have met many, many very good people over the last 50+ years.


I hope to make it many more years. I feel by being a part of the street rod family my life has been richer than it would have been had I not been in the "Street Rod Fraternity". Thanks to all street rodders for all of the support and good times. I hope I can give back as much as I have taken.



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