May 17, 2014 Main Street Cruise, Longmont, CO

Like last year, there was a great deal of interest in the Main Street Cruze sponsored by the ColoRODans of Longmont.  Cars lined the north and south bound lanes of Main Street, pedestrians lined the sidewalks and filled the cafes and bars downtown, and families brought their lawn chairs to watch the parade of everything from street rods,  jacked-up diesel trucks, original intent cars, late model cars and a few motorcycles.  




Thank you to everyone who participated!  We hope to see you all again as well as anyone coming in for the ColoRODans RodFest at our next Main Street Cruze on July 26th!

ColoRODans Main Street Cruise - Longmont, CO - 5-17-14 from Tyler Newberry on Vimeo.

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